Wow! Easter 2016 so time for yet another slight update….

In keeping with my original intentions this first page remains with very few graphics or gimmicks to slow down access.  If you choose to load down some of the pictures or charts please do so by  clicking on the appropriate link.

Developing these pages, originally on Compuserve, in 1993 was mainly as a result of my family history research and this was an attempt to publish some of our findings and pictures to a much wider INTERNET audience of family, friends and other researchers. It has also proved to be an extremely useful way of introducing myself, in a fairly detailed way, to new contacts.   Click here to e-mail me.

A bit about us and where we live

My name is Michael Shergold and our family has lived in Selsey, West Sussex, England for over 45 years now. We are now in our third Selsey home.  I am a long-retired computer professional with varied interests ranging from maintaining the house and garden to more technical things like photography and, of course, computing. A fairly recent interest (since 1992) has been in our family history and genealogy; and while following this I have made many new and,so far, unrelated SHERGOLD friends and have often been able to assist some of them in their own research.

The links at the bottom of this page have been there many years. My ‘Shergold’ database now contains nearly 3000 names of both related and unrelated Shergold families. I share this tree with related family members and other interested parties trying to complete their trees.

Between 1995 and 2015 I was fairly heavily involved with the Neighbourhood Watch Organisation in this corner of West Sussex but last year  I resigned as local Chairman and handed over to a successor.  I remain as a street scheme and Selsey Area-Co-ordinator

My wife, Jean, retired from her part-time job in June 1997.  Jean has always been involved with the Girl Guide Organisation, at various times a leader, a local Commissioner and now within various local support organisations and the local Trefoil Guild.  Her other interests always included reading, gardening, dressmaking, quilting and Pilates.  During her retirement she is now spending much more time on these activities and of course making our house and garden into a home.  We of course also enjoy our family and grand-children.

We both also actively support various local, national and international charities.

We met in the 1950's when were both very active in the Christian Endeavour movement at the Baptist Church in Purley, Surrey, and were very busy during 2004/5 organising a 50 year reunion and for the whole of 2005/6 this web site was used to to publicise and subsequently record that event.  Those pages have now been totally removed.  We are currently very loosely connected with our local Parish Church, St Peters, where Jean, for many years, ran the Girl Guide Company.

About our Family History:   To learn more about our family and see what we have discovered so far click on the appropriate link below. Needless to say I have many more names on my database than appear in the chart that I publish here. Please e-mail me if you need, or you can supply, any additional information .  Some details and pages were recently removed because of identity theft.  During 2016 I am intending to spend more time cleaning up and extending our ‘SHERGOLD’ Family History projects


LINKS          Our own family tree as we knew it in 1993                                    The Russian Story - another SHERGOLD family

To learn more about Neighbourhood Watch in this area, click here